Shekhberry CV - Sire

  Sales List includes registered Arabian Horses

     5 years old to 25 years old for sale  

*   Additionally several Arabian horse adoptions available includes Arabian mares and geldings and TWH that are 14 years and older, retired breeders, riding horses 

Trained implies:  lunges, baths, grooms, ties, trailer loads, round pen reasoning, Western- Trail trained; walk, trot, canter, stop.  Unless otherwise stated, such as; additional training may be English, finished Western and neck reining and show prospects

BEST PRICING - Arrive, Choose, take same day

Available For Sale and Adoption  

A great opportunity to acquire a well bred Arabian or NSH horse 

*  Sale Horses Listings  DOB from 2000 to 2019 

Adoption Horses Available

Adoption refers to horses being offered at a low cost to approved forever homes,

however, if we feel a new home is a forever home many of the horses are pure adoption.   

Horses 14 years old and older prices are based on selling out of pasture and first visit. 

All buyers will cover any Vet exam, Coggins and Ferrier work if requested,

including transportation  

*  Adoption horses ages from year 1992 to May 2005

 May consider leasing for certain individuals

------------------------------------------------------------------------------   14 YEARS AND OLDER     ------------------------------------------------------------------------


                                    Tender Passion   

                                                       Bay Mare #0487755   Date Foaled 5-30-1992  

                                                       AHR # 487755       Freeze Brand 5-18-93 # 221000001

                                                      Tender Passion is a black bay a retired Arabian mare has smooth conformation, large eyes,

                                                      breaks at the pole, very sweet. Offered to a forever home.
                                                      (Top Contender - National Champion x *Korsika - Paris International Champion -

                                                       Pure Sweden dam).   Sired by National Champion    

                                                       In memory of Tender Passion CV February 2022 - 22 years young 







                                                        Winter Fantasy CV   

                                                        Chestnut/White Tobiano Mare   Date Foaled 3 -6-1994

                                                        (Winter Sultan x Petite Pappillion)  Triple Registered:
                                                         Pinto Registry #75318
                                                        IAHA # IA 313535  Half Arabian Registry
                                                        National Show Horse Registry # 010621-94 NSA    
Western trained !                                                                                                                     Winter Fantasy CV is a flashy chestnut and white NSH mare     

                                                        Approximately 15+ hands, dam is a *Padron daughter  $1100


Moonique CV   Black Mare #0522609  Date Foaled   1-31-1995  * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 

(Majestic Moon x Knight Exotica) Moonique CV is a gorgeous, solid black Arabian mare that has excellent legs and confirmation, is he sired by the gorgeous stallion, Majestic Moon.   She is available for sale or lease




Sweet Success CV 

Black Mare  #0520400  Date Foaled  1 7-1995   * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 

​(Desperado V x Knights Prelude).   DNA Tested 10-5-2001

Sweet Success CV sired by Desperado V has a strong chest, smooth bodied, perfect conformation

and is ultra sweet and that is how she was named . . . Sweet Success CV !   

She has produced foals. 

Sweet Success CV             SOLD  2021


Tierra Bey CV   Bay Mare #0521985     Date Foaled 5-18-1995   DNA tested 10-21-2001

* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated. Desperado (Desperado V x Grosheka).

Tierra Bey CV stretchy bay Desperado V daughter

has been an outstanding producer of very correct Arabian foals - they are tall and stretchy,

smooth hip, excellent legs, large eyes!   

Production Record - Available Offspring:

1.  Razzmatazz CV  AHR# 671981 Date Foaled 5-8-2016  Chestnut Purebred Registered Arabian Gelding (PLEASURE)

2.  Haamaih CV  AHR# 667178  Date Foaled 4-29-2015  Bay  Gelding. (PLEASURE

Tierra Bey CV                                   SOLD 2021


Paprika CV    Chestnut Mare #0535348    Date Foaled.  5-25-1996 * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated
(Papyrus CV x Kalila Bey)

Sired by Multi Champion Stallion, including Region 18 yearling Champion, Egyptian Event Related World Champion

Paprika CV is sired by the Champion sire Papyrus CV by Imperial Imdal and out of a *Padron daughter!   

Paprika CV has a beautiful face, rich red chestnut with flashy white accents!   

She is the first to come up to you out to pasture. a sweet, gorgeous mare ! 

 Excellent conformation, smooth-clean hip, large eyes and a dish face !

No formal training, highly valued mare !

Paprika CV   SOLD  2021


Honeebair CV  Black Mare #0576280   Date Foaled 3-18-1999   * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 
(Aladdair x Moonique CV)

Western Trained, smooth ride, trainer favorite!

Sired by Multi Champion Stallion, including US and Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Colt

Honeebair CV is coal black and has a clean throat latch and laid back shoulder !

Honeebair CV is available for sale or lease   

SOLD   2021


Psychsation CV    Bay Mare #0576279    Date Foaled.  5-15-1999  *

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 
(Magnum Psyche  x Sheza Serenade CV)

Tall, Sired by National Champion   Date Foaled


for adoption

Chocolat CV   Black Bay Mare #0590237  Date Foaled  4-11-2001 * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 
(QR Excel x Tierra Bey Sweet Success CV).  Sired by the National Champion Stallion QR Excel

Chocolat CV is a stunning dark black bay, she is absolutely gorgeous and a correct Arabian mare

with outstanding substance!  She has a strong chest, strong, smooth hip, flags her tail, excellent legs, very sweet.  

SOLD MAY 2, 2022 Reserved by Dana - New Mexico

Production Record -  Offspring Sold

1.  Black filly AHR# 671559  Date Foaled 4-24-2016  Black with 4 white stockings (SHOW POTENTIAL,  ENGLISH OR WESTERN-BREEDER)



​​Cracklin Rose CV    Black Mare #0590236   Date Foaled  5-11-2001  * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 
(QR Excel x Sheza Serenade).   
Sired by the National Champion Stallion QR Excel

Cracklin Rose is a gorgeous black mare sired by the National Champion Stallion QR Excel, and the halter Champion mare Sheza Serenade.  Cracklin Rose CV nicknamed "Rosie" is a very sweet lady that has been trained Western Pleasure. 

"Rosie" lunges, baths, grooms, loads in trailers, ties, walks, trots, canters under Western saddle.   

Trainer favorite has she was a quick learner and athletic.   

 Cracklin Rose CV          SOLD 2021

Twist' Midnite ​Star   

*      Beautiful TWH Mare Flashy black / White Pinto 
*      Gaited Registered TWH
*      Proven Pinto Producer / Homozygous      
*      Excellent conformation   
*      Gorgeous Pinto Tobiano 
*      Smooth bodied, clean neck  & throat latch
*      Trained for TWH Gaited Riding

*      DOB 9-11-2003

To view video, copy this link and view on a computer:

More Arabians for sale below

14 years and older

 Yearlings to 14 years old

---------------------------------------------   MATURE GELDINGS 14 YEARS AND OLDER     ----------------------------------------------

Winter Cherokee CV  Grey/White Tobiano Gelding  Date Foaled 3 -22-1994

(Winter Sultan x Ansata Aya Adora). Triple Registered

Pinto Registry #75319,   IAHA # IA 313553  Half Arabian Registry,  National Show Horse Registry # 010622-94 NSA

Western Broke.            
Winter Cherokee CV  SOLD 9-7-20

Chianti CV Bay Gelding.  #0557684  Date Foaled  5-18-1998   * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 

(WN Ultimate Star x Chantilly Bey CV).  Western Broke.     
Chianti CV   SOLD 9-7-20          

Voltaire CV     Bay Gelding.  #0579921  Date Foaled  6-6-2000  * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 

(Magnum Psyche  x Kalila Bey )     
Voltaire CV  SOLD 2021


Adair CV   Black Gelding   #0557596   Date Foaled. 4-6-1998    * Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated 

(Aladdair - *Aladdinn son x Knights Rapsidy).     



Yearlings to 10 years old    -------------------------------------------------

    These Arabian horses range from $5500 (PLEASURE) to $15000 (BREEDER), $15000 and up (SHOW-BREEDER)

    The following horses pricing may be changed after additional training and/or additional photography provided

    For current pricing on these individuals, please fill out the contact form and request more information on the Arabian         horses you are interested in.  We will be more than happy to get with you asap.  Debbie

1.   Arsenius Al Shaqab CV  AHR# 680583. DateFoaled 3-18-2019    Bay Stallion. (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Kahil Al Shaqab x Mi Dalila CV) Mi Dalila's  nickname- Annie, her Dam's Sire and Dam  (Sheikhberry CV x Airenana CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated

 Sired by National and International Champion Stallion Kahil Al Shaqab     FOR SALE

Caliente CV  AHR# 677071  Date Foaled 6-30-2018    Bay Stallion (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Kahil Al Shaqab x Aireanna CV)   Dam's Sire and Dam (Aladdair x Chantilly Bey CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated - Reserved for CV

 Sired by the National and International Champion Stallion Kahil Al Shaqab.   RESERVED

Julieanna CV  AHR# 671400 Date Foaled 4-22 2017  Bay  Mare. (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Kahil Al Shaqab x Aireanna CV) Dam's Sire and Dam  (Aladdair x Chantilly Bey CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated - Ask about this Mare

 Sired by the National and International Champion Stallion Kahil Al Shaqab

Marlina CV  AHR# 671136   Date Foaled 4-20-2018  Bay Mare. (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Marhaabah x Aireanna CV)   Dam's Sire and Dam ( Aladdair x Chantilly Bey CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated

 Sired by the National Champion Stallion Marhaabah

Mi Dalila CV  AHR# 667177  Date Foaled 4-24-2015  Bay Mare.    (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Sheikhberry CV x Airenana CV)  Dam's Sire and Dam (Aladdair x Chantilly Bey CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated

 Sired by the Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Stallion Sheikhberry CV


Lay Lady Lae CV   AHR# 671559  Date Foaled 4-24-2016  Black Mare (PLEASURE-BREEDER)
(Sheikhberry CV x Chocolat CV) Dam's  Sire and Dam  (QR Excel x Sweet Success CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated, Pedigree

Lay Lady Lae CV is a flashy coal black mare with 4 white stockings, a clean throat latch and athletic

 Sired by the Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Stallion Sheikhberry CV * 

Reserved 2-24-22  for Renee - Sherman Texas - SOLD 2022


Mar Maree CV  AHR# 667950   Date Foaled 3-30-2015  Bay Mare (SHOW-BREEDER)
(Marhaabah x Chantilly Bey CV) Dam Sire and Dam (Desperado V x Pesleia)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated

Mar Maree CV is a gorgeous, correct Arabian bay mare sired by the

National Champion sire Marhaabah

Her dam is the Champion mare, Chantilly Bey CV she was a yearling champion

and a U.S. Futurity Top Ten filly 5 months in foal, shown by Michael Byatt

Sired by the National Champion Marhaabah


8.   Haamaih CV  AHR# 667178  Date Foaled 4-29-2015  Bay  Gelding. (PLEASURE)  PEDIGREE
(Marhaabah x Tierra Bey CV) Dam's Sire and Dam: (Sired by Desperado V x Grosheka)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated, true 15-1 hands -no shoes
Western Training; Ties, loads in trailer, grooms, Western, walk, trot, canter
Currently in training neck reining. Trainer favorite

This Bay gelding is tall, very sweet can either go Western or English, currently in training in 2020 and 2019

Sire - National Champion Marhaabah.  Reserved 3-8-22 - SOLD

Video below Haamaih CV 


Sheikh El Kamal CV AHR# 667179  Date Foaled 3-25-2015  Bay Gelding. ((PLEASURE)  PEDIGREE
(Sheikhberry CV x Sheza Beauty CV) Dam's  Sire and Dam: (QR Excel x Sheza Serenade CV)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US and Canadian Futurity Nominated, approximately 14.3 hands 
Western Training; Ties, loads in trailer, grooms, Western, walk, trot, canter, 
Currently in training neck reining and continued Western, trail training,  Reserved 4-1-22 for Brandy - Oklahoma City

This dark Bay gelding is ultra sweet, tons of type, big eyes, sculptured face, a smaller horse,

comfortable ride, trained as a Western horse.  Excellent prospect for Endurance  Correct and pretty!

Sired by the Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Stallion Sheikhberry CV

Razzmatazz CV  AHR# 671981 Date Foaled 5-8-2016   PEDIGREE

Chestnut Purebred Registered Arabian Gelding (PLEASURE), Nickname "Red"
(Sheikhberry CV x Tierra Bey CV) Dam's Sire and Dam (Desperado V x Grosheka)
* Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated, US - Canadian Futurity Nominated
This gorgeous Chestnut Arabian gelding is a rich red Chestnut.  Excellent legs,

 long -clean neck and throat latch, and a pretty face !

Western Training;  Includes ties, baths, round pen, loads in trailer, grooms, 

Western, walk, trot, canter, pony horses, trail.  Endurance prospect!   This chestnut gelding is sired by the spectacular

Sheikhberry CV stallion a top sire  at Centaur Valley Arabians. 

Sire has many halter + performance Champions in his pedigree, including himself.   

Razzmatazz CV is a showy gelding dam is a Desperado V daughter, his grand sire: *Groyer. 

 Sired by the Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Stallion Sheikhberry CV





















Razzmatazz CV -    Sire >



Razzmatazz CV - young

Razzmatazz CV -  April 2022

Sales List - Some Reserved


Tierra Bey CV 

(Desperado V x Grosheka) 

Tierra Bey CV  Sold 2021

2016 Bay Colt  Sold 2022

2017 Chestnut Gelding  FOR SALE

Razzmatazz CV

Lay Lady Lae  CV

 Sired by Shiekhberry CV 

Mare - 4 white stockings

Black Mare 

Reserved 2-24-22 -  Sold
for Renee - Sherman Texas


Razzmatazz CV - with Teirra Bey CV