Child's pony Pinto Gelding  

*      Flashy black / White Pinto Gelding

*      Child's Gaited Pony

*      Western Broke - well trained

*      Buggy trained -Trail Riding

*      Calm 

*      Easy Keeper

*      Registered                     

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      For sale to good home

*      Baths, stands to groom, loads trailer

*      Stands for  Farrier   

*     Ground  / Western Training Video

​*      Driving Buggy Cart Training

*      For sale    $5600        


Winter Cherokee C V         

*      Gray/White Pinto NSH (now Snow White)

*     Triple Registered

*      National Show Horse

*      Pinto Registered

*      AHR Pure Bred 1/2 Arabian Registered

*      Sire:  Winter Sultan

*      Dam:  Aya Adora - Straight EgyptianArabian 

*      Extreme movement

*      Very Calm Gelding                

*      Western broke under saddle

*      Excellent  buddy companion   

*     SOLD        

                                                                                                                                                  Sire top producing Saddlebred Stallion  



Honeebair CV         AHR # 576280   

(  Adaddair x Moonique CV )                             *      Ultra Extreme movement

*  Coal  Black  Non Fading Mare                      *      Well legged, refinement, yet substance.  

*  Foaled       3 - 18 - 1999                                    *      Sired by a U.S. and Canadian

                                                                                             National Top Ten Futurity Champion

*  Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated       *      Western Training                                                                                                                                                        *      Available for 2015

Dam an exotic black Arabian mare;  Moonique CV .  Honnebair CV, ground training,  started under saddle/Western Riding.  Ready for breeding in early 2015.  Chocolat CV has a gorgeous dark bay color with black shading.  Sweet Mare, leased for 2014, available for 2015. Ultra smooth ride.


                    Cracklin Rose CV       AHR # 590236


( QR Excel  x  Sheza Serenade CV )                        *    Clean nice - Excellent Legs

 *  Black Arabian Mare                                               *    Available for sale / lease

*   Foaled                                                                        *    Sire Reserve National Champion Stallion

 *  Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated            *    Dam Champion

Dam;  Sheza Serenade CV (black ) a Reserve Regional Champion 18 Yearling Champion.  

Cracklin Rose CV is western broke, ground training, sweet, non fading black Arabian mare. Excellent prospect for rider. Gorgeous bodied black Arabian mare .

For Sale 


Psychsation CV                        AHR # 576279    


( Magnum Psyche x  Sheza Serenade CV )             *    Stretchy with size - Excellent Legs

*   Bay Arabian Mare                                                      *    Large Eyes

*   Foaled                                                                            *    Sire National Champion Stallion

 *  Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated               *    Dam Champion

Dam;  Sheza Serenade CV (black mare) a Reserve Regional Champion 18 Yearling Champion.  

Psychesation CV is a stretch, bay mare sired by the National Champion Stallion Magnum Psyche. Ready for early 2014 breeding.  Sells / leases with abreeding to Sheikhberry CV

              Arabians for sale sired by National Champion Stallions 

Sheza Beauty CV       AHR #  0602445    


( QR Excel  x  Sheza Serenade CV  )                              *     Extra Large Dark Eyes 

*   Black Bay Arabian Mare                                              *     Exotic  face, extreme dished

*  Foaled    6 -12- 2002                                                       *     Sired by a Reserve National Champion 

*  Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated                    *     Dam Halter Champion

Exotic Arabian Mare sired by QR Excel and the Dam;  Sheza Serenade CV (black mare) a Reserve Regional Champion 18 Yearling Champion.  Sheza Beauty CV is Western broke and has ground training.  Excepts pool noodle and other training aids for socializing.  Ready for breeding 2015.  Foaled  2015  Sheikhberry CV bay colt. Sheza Beauty CV possesses large expressive eyes, refined neck and impressive throat latch and break at the pole.  Teacup nose and tipped ears along with a deep dark black bay color.   SOLD

Sweet Success CV          AHR #  520400         

( Desperado V x Knight's Prelude )           *    Large Dark Eyes - Exotic Face

*   Black Arabian Mare                                  *    Excellent Legs

*   Foaled    1995                                              *   Black Producer

*   Top CV producing mare                          *   Lots of substance -  strong chest

*    For sale or lease                                     *   Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Produced several foals.  Full sister to Sheza Serenade CV a Reserve Regional Champion 18 Yearling Champion. Sweet Success CV is actually more gorgeous than her Champion full sister.  One of the last Desperado V dams.   A gorgeous black Arabian mare

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FOR SALE  Haamaih: 2015  Marhaabah  bay  gelding  & Kamal:  Sheikhberry  CV  2015  bay  gelding

Training, ties, toads, grooms, round pen reasoning, started under saddle

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For Sale

    Miniature Pinto Mare      

*      Flashy black / White Pinto Miniature Mare 

*      Class A - smallest they get

*      Extreme movement                    

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      For sale to good home    


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CV Arabian Horses will be adding more Arabians, Tennessee Walker Horses and Child's Ponies to the Sales List

    Adair C V         

*      Black Non-Fading Arabian Gelding

*      Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

*      Western Training

*      Proven Sire

*      Smooth riding

*      Sire:  Aladdair (by *Aladdinn) 

*      Dam:  * Padron Daughter - Arabian Mare

*      Extreme movement - large eyes - laid back                    

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      Tripled Registered Mare  

*       Offered to a forever home $2500

                    Black Arabian Stallion for Sale  

                      Western Pleasure Training  

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     Winter  FAntacy C V         

*      Flashy Chestnut / White Pinto Mare 

*      Triple Registered 

*      National Show Horse Registered

*      Pinto Registry

*      Arabian Horse Assoc. purebred 1/2 Arabian Registry  

*      Sire:  Winter Sultan - Saddlebred Stallion

*      Dam:  * Padron Daughter - Arabian Mare

*      Extreme movement - large eyes - laid back                    

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

Sire top producing Saddlebred Stallion  

    Miniature Pinto Stallion 

*      Black / White Pinto Miniature Stallion

*      Class A - smallest they get

*      All personality  - Sired by World Champion                

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      Sold           


Younger - other photos older

Chestnut/White Pinto Mare for sale


TWH Pinto Homozygous MARE for sale

*      Gorgeous Pinto Pattern

*      Smooth bodied, clean neck  & throat latch

*      Beautiful TWH Mare

*      Black and White Pinto

*      Trained for TWH Gaited Riding

*      TWH Registered

*       $8500 Best Offer or $5800

         Priced to Sell   


" Extremely Calm - Laid back Gelding for sale "

2 NSH - Pintos For sale - Triple Registered


 2015 bay gelding for sale - VIDEO

Show Arabian-Western-Reining- English 

(Marhaabah x Sheza Beauty CV) 

Herd Dispersal

Breeding since 1990 

Now retiring

Retired Arabians for Adoption

​All horses will be sold or adopted


" Buddies "

2 NSH - Pintos For sale - Arabian Mare for lease

TWH Tennessee Walker Horse Mare

*      Twist's Midnight Star    Nickname:  "Star"

*.     TWH BEA # 20315010 - Black/White Tobiano

*.     Flashy black / White Pinto Mare 

*      Gaited TWH

*      Proven Pinto Producer / Homozygous   

*      Excellent conformation 

*      DOB   Fall 2003       For Sale  


Western Broke Horses for sale

For Sale 

2021  For Sale 
This is a gorgeous TWH  Homozygous Mare


Smoothest bodied Arabian you will find !

For Sale 
Chestnut and White Pinto Mare


for Sale

Broke Western - excellet mover

Available for Adoption
Non Fading - Coal Black -

no markings - Purebred Arabian Gelding


Gelding FOR SALE

Trained Western

English Prospect

Sweepstakes Nominated

Several Arabian horse for sale



28 years !

Dam of Sheza Beauty CV

For Sale 


for adopted