Reference Sire

of 2015 & 2016 foals

CV's Sire Sheikhberry CV

​2015 & 2016 foals

Aireanna  CV's  2015  filly

sire  - Sheikhberry  CV 

Aireanna CV's  sire Aladdair

Aireanna  CV's  dam Chantilly Bey CV

Aireanna  CV's  2015  filly

sire  - Sheikhberry  CV 

​Foaled 4-24-15

​One day old

2015 filly Sire Sheikhberry CV

Sells or leases with breeding to Sheikhberry CV



Bred to Marhaabah 2014

Produced 2015 Bay Colt

Bred to Sheikhberry CV 2015

<  2015 Marhaabah Bay Filly - Mar Maree CV 

 Bred to Sheikhberry CV in 2015  for 2016 foal

2015 bay colt sired by Sheikhberry CV 

Sire & Dam (shown below)

are proven Champions at U.S. Nationals

Arieanna CV with beauty, gorgeous face, and an outstanding pedigree brings much excitement for her upcoming 2016 foal.   " Aireanna CV " is sired by the National Champion Top Ten Futurity Stallion Aladdair  and her dam Chantilly Bey CV

National Top Ten Futurity  Filly  and a Region 18 Reserve Yearly Champion  

Aireanna CV 2015 breeding to Marhaabah brings a 2016 foal - Julieanna CV 

"Aireanna CV"  . . . ultra sweet and will follow you around offering her head so she

can come along with you.  Loves people, yet is social with other

Arabians is a joy to have in our breeding program.  A gorgeous

dark bay with very large, dark eyes, lots of substance and excellent

movement.    Aireanna CV is bred to Sheikhberry CV for a 2015 foal.

Sheikhberry CV is a Canadian National Top Ten Futurity Champion

​​Aireanna CV

Bay Mare.   Foaled   5-24-2000                    

AHR # 057830 - All time CV top Dam producer!
Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated
Sired by MULTI - Champion Stallion
Dam - U.S. Futurity Top Ten Champion

Regional 15 Yearling Champion

Regional 15 Yearling 1 & 2 Year old Grand Champion

Sire - Multi Champion

Production Record:

2015 Filly Mi Dalila CV "Annie"  Sire-  Sheikhberry CV 

2016 Filly Julieanna CV x Marhaabah

2017 Filly Marlina CV x Marhaabah

2018 Bay Colt  Caliente CV - Sire Kahil Al Shaqab

CV Arabian mares have been bred to . . . 


2014, 2015  Breedings to Sheikhberry CV  (Lady in Red CV & Chocolat CV )   

2014, 2015  Breedings to Marhaabah   (Mares; Chantilly Bey CV  &  Aireanna CV)

2019 2020 Breeding so Kahil Al Shaqab Arabian Reference Sire (Mares; Mi Dalila CV, Aireanna CV)


Chantilly Bey CV

Jcrene Yabaskka 

   *   Bask daughter

   *   Chestnut Mare- Regional Champion

   *   Retired Broodmare

Jcrene Jabaskka Grand Dam of Sheikhberry CV

Jcrene Yabaskka a Regional Champion -  dam of Kalila Bey CV, bay Desperado V mare.  Kalila Bey CV best know as an ultra sweet, correct Arabian mare with an exotic dished face and large dark expensive eyes.  Kalila Bey CV a small mare, yet producer of size, type and the sweetest offspring even carries to the stallions she has produced.  Sheikhberry CV on of the 5 foals is an example of both Yabaskka and Kalila's outstanding characteristics and extreme sweet nature.  We are excited to carry on breeding of this line with our breeding stallion Sheikhberry CV a National Top Ten Futurity Champion.

Sired National Champion Magnum Psyche

Psychsation CV a moothed bodied bay mare with size sired by the National Champion stallion Magnum Psyche and out of the dam - Sheza Serenade V a Region 18 Reserve Regional Championfilly is sired by Desperado V.    Psychsation CV possess a clean neck, large dark eyes and athletic ability.   Her outstanding pedigree offers many highly sought after characteristics, such as;  of size, stretchiness and beauty.   Psychsation CV is available for lease and for sale offering an opportunity numerous champion Arabians in her pedigree to be an added plus to the most discerned breeder.    FOR SALE

CV Arabians top producer 

Tierra Bey CVa tall and smoothed bodied bay mare sired by Desperado V has proven to be one of CV Arabians top producing mares.   At one time on the sales list and Tierra Bey CV is now considered permanently home. Teirra Bey CV's smooth, refined and well set neck and large , dark eyes with a pretty face, together with excellent legs an balanced body, along with a proven brood mare makes Tierra Bey CV a much treasured Arabian mare.  Her outstanding pedigree along with being bred to Sheikhberry CV in 2014 is a certain of the prediction of the upcoming foal.  A mare that has never let us down is now part of the red carpet mares for CV Arabians..   Tierra Bey CV gets along well with other Arabians and enjoys much time in the 442 acre pastures  of CV Arabians.   

Production Record:  Padron's Psyche, Marhaabah, Sheikhberry CV. 

 Sire & Dam proven Champions  

 Georgie Girl CV with beauty, size and an outstanding pedigree brings much excitement for her upcoming foals.  "Georgie" is sired by the Reserve National Champion Stallion  QR Excel and dam Chantilly Bey CV National Top Ten Futurity  Filly and a Region 18 Reserve Yearly Champion.  "Georgie CV" is ultra sweet, loves people, a gorgeous bay with very large, dark eyes, lots of substance, excellent movement.    

Visitors Favorite - Beauty & Type

Sheza Beauty CVdepicts beauty just as her name implies.  Sired out of the Reserve National Champion Stallion QR Excel and her dam Sheza Serenade CV a Region 18 Reserve Yearly Champion out of 31 fillies.  "Beauty" is a gorgeous black bay with very large, dark eyes and an ultra dished - exotic face, teacup nose, exotic, lots of mane and tial, substance and excellent legs.   

" Sheza Beauty CV " is available for lease or sale for 2016.

 Bred to Sheikhberry CV 2014/2015 bay colt

CV Arabians Favorite 

Lady in Red CVpossess extraordinary type, smooth bodied, small tipped ears, and an outstanding pedigree.  Lady in Red CV sired by the Reserve National Champion stallion QR Excel will be bred in 2015 to Sheikhberry CV with an anticipation of producing our best foal in 2016.  

Her dam Tierra Bey CV (bay mare) sired by Desperado V and Grand dam;  Grosheka a Champion herself is sired by *Groyer a Paris World Champion

Producing Champion Foals

Chantilly Bey CVa US National Top Ten Futurity Champion Filly,  ​5.5 months in foal shown by Michael Byatt and is a Region 15 Champion Yearling.  Chantilly CV is ultra sweet with a personality of her own.  Sired by Desperado V and a gorgeous  *Pesinar daughter bring much type and correctness to her pedigree.   Chantilly Bey CV Foals sired by;  WN Ultimate Star. Eterenty, Aladdair, 

 Produced Marazzi CV several times Champion.    

 Foals: Aireanna CV + Mar Maree CV + Marazzi CV Sold $40,000

Production Record:  Eternety, Marhaabah, Aladdair, Kahil Al Shaqab 

Tierra Bey CV

Desperado V x Grosheka (*Groyer)

Bay Mare  SOLD 2021

Foaled  5-18-1995   AHR # 0521985

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Dam's sire *Groyer Paris World Champion

Dam - Driving Champion

Production Record:

Foals by Aladdair, Padron Psyche, Marhaabah

Psychsation CV

Magnum Psyche x Sheza Serenade CV 

Bay Mare


AHR # 576279

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Sired by National Champion Magnum Psyche

Dam - Regional 18 Reserve Yearling Champion

Sheza Beauty CV

QR Excel X Sheza Serenade (Desperado V)

Black Bay Mare

Foaled  -12-2002  AHR # 0602445

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Sired by U.S. Reserve National Champion QR Excel

Dam Regional 18 Reserve Champion Filly

Georgie Girl CV

QR Excel X Chantilly Bey CV (Desperado V).  Bay Mare

Foaled  5-24-2002  AHR # 0598665

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Sired by US Reserve National Champion QR Excel

Dam - US National Top Ten Futurity Champion 

Dam - Regional 15 Champion Yearling Champion

Dam - Regional 15 Yearly/Two Year Old Champion


                SOLD May 2022

Chantilly Bey CV. Retired 2021

Desperado V x Pesleia (*Pesinar)

Bay Mare                  Deceased 2021

Foaled   6-27-92   AHR #  483516

Forever in our Memories.  2021

US National Top Ten Futurity Champion 

Regional 15 Champion Yearling  

In memory of Chantilly Bey CV June 2021

Lady in Red CV

QR Excel X Teirra Bey CV (Desperado V)

Chestnut Mare

Foaled  4-30-2002     AHR # 0602444

Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated

Sired by US Reserve National Champion QR Excel

2015 Bred to Sheikhberry CV/2016 Chestnut colt

CV Arabians - Mares sired by National Champion Stallions

producing top show Arabian foals for sale

Breeding Mares

CV Arabian Mares

Chocolat CV's  sire QR Excel

Chocolat CV's  sire QR Excel

Chocolat CV 

Sold May 2022 

Reserved for Dana - New Mexico

Black Bay Mare  Foaled 4-11-2001

AHR 590237

Bred 2015 to Sheikhberry CV 

 (Sire QR Excel x Sweet Success CV)

Her  Dam is a full sister - Sheza Serenade CV 

Sire   National Champion  QR Excel

Chocolat CV's  dam Sweet Success CV


Aireanna CV's Sire Aladdair

Padron Psyche Colt


Aireanna  CV's  2015  filly

Sire  - Sheikhberry  CV 

Dam. Aireanna CV

5-27-15 (33 days old)

" Annie "

Chocolat CV April 2015

Retired Mares

Kahil Al Shaqab

Reference Sire

<  CV Arabian 2019

& 2020 foals

Sheza Beauty CV -2015 bay colt

​Sire Sheikhberry CV

Sheza Beauty CV -Sire QR Excel

Chocolat CV April 2015

Chocolat CV April 2015

Chocolat CV April 2015

Chocolat CV's  dam Sweet Success CV

Chocolat CV April 2015

Aireanna CV's  2015  bay  filly  (Annie)   Sired  by  Sheikhberry CV

Mar Maree CV sired by Marhaabah

Mar Maree CV bay mare  (Chantilly Bey CV  &  Marhaabah)

Western trained, loads, English prospect, 15 hands

Sheza Beauty CV sire - QR Excel

Mar Maree CV


                Teirra Bey CV Sold

Psychsation CV  Dam

<  Mi Dalila CV - sire  Sheikhberry CV 

Psychsation CV  Sire 

Mar Maree CV