Gaited Pony Gelding  Foaled 4-10-2008


Child's pony Pinto Gelding  

*      Flashy black / White Pinto Gelding

*.     FOALED   4-10-2008

*      Child's Gaited Pony

*      Western Broke - well trained

*      Buggy trained -Trail Riding

*      Calm 

*      Easy Keeper

*      Registered                     

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      For sale to good home

*      Baths, stands to groom, loads trailer

*      Stands for  Farrier   

*     Ground  / Western Training Video

​*      Driving Buggy Cart Training

*      For sale           


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    Miniature Pinto Mare      

*      Flashy black / White Pinto Miniature Mare 

*      Class A - smallest they get

*      Extreme movement                    

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      For sale to good home    $500




Our Arabians and Gaited Horses and Ponies are Trained for trailer loading, grooming, round pen reasoning, trail. Western

Ask about our Arabians as we have several Arabians not listed that may be coming up as lease Arabians or for sale   We welcome your inquires


Arabian Horses for sale - TWH & Gaited pony for sale

TWH Tennessee Walker Horse Mare

*      Twist's Midnight Star    Nickname:  "Star"

*.     TWH BEA # 20315010 - Black/White Tobiano

*.     Flashy black / White Pinto Mare 

*      Gaited TWH

*      Proven Pinto Producer / Homozygous   

*      Excellent conformation 

*      DOB   Fall 2003       For Sale  



*     Ground  / Western Training Video

​*      Driving Buggy Cart Training



Gaited Pony Gelding            


*   Flashy Black and White Pinto Gelding                                 *    Child's Pony -  Foaled 4-10-2008

*   Western Broke.  * Registered. *. Loads in Trailer - Grooms - Baths - Stands for Farrier

*.   Buggy Driving  - Cart Training                                          

*   Round Pen Reasoning

 *   Lots of Training !


TWH Pinto Homozygous MARE for sale

*      Gorgeous Pinto Pattern

*      Smooth bodied, clean neck  & throat latch

*      Beautiful TWH Mare

*      Black and White Pinto

*      Trained for TWH Gaited Riding

*      TWH Registered

*       $8500 

       Offers Considered - however tons of training i          including Trail and Buggy Driving ! 



For Sale

Gaited Horses

and Ponies   !


Black and White 


Trained Western


Buggy Trained

Cart Trained 

Round Pen Reasoning

Several Arabian  and other hoHses  for sale



29 years !


    Miniature Pinto Stallion 

*      Black / White Pinto Miniature Stallion

*      Class A - smallest they get

*      All personality  - Sired by World Champion                

*      Well bodied, lots of substance 

*      Sold           


2022 listing  For Sale 
This is a gorgeous TWH  Homozygous Mare

For Sale


for adopted

Gaited TWH and Ponies for sale

Gorgeous -Black and White Pinto Horses For Sale 

Herd Dispersal

Breeding since 1990 

Now retiring

Trail - Western- Buggy Cart Trained!

​All horses will be sold or adopted

Available for Sale


      Updated 2022 Sales List

       Gaited Pintos horses